About the Ball

At Deysini we believe the game of football is for everyone, all ages, all genders. With this in mind we are focused on supporting real change in the sport starting with the one item no team can play without, the ball.

Deysini footballs are designed for top performance and durability. They are also designed to break down the old game identity currently reinforced by other brands.

The long standing practice has been to name football sizes for the age of boys using that size ball. However we believe that tradition is no longer acceptable based on the diversity of participants taking up the sport today. It's simply no longer appropriate to categorize a professional or adult level football as a children's (boys) size, so we don't.

Instead, we at Deysini use number sizes. Currently we offer size 6, 7 (and standard men's official size 9). These two sizes are most commonly used by players with smaller hands (women's leagues and youth levels) and are the same as other brands using the old outdated gender/age specific size names.

Sizing specifications:

Size 6

Size 7