Why a new brand?

The most often asked question we receive is "why are you starting a new football brand?" The answer is rooted in decades of women's football. While Deysini is NOT a women's football brand, the need for a new brand and new way of thinking are without a doubt rooted in the women's game.

The Deysini brand is the result of decades of experience in women's sports, specifically tackle football. American football is the last team sport activity still referred to almost exclusively as a "man's sport". In reality it is also played by women all over the world. Played in all varieties from 5v5 to 12man tackle, as well as flag and semi contact football. Women and girls are taking up the sport everywhere.

Despite this the world at large seems to be unwilling to open their view and see that women are not a mere novelty or visitor to the sport. Women and girls are established in the sport of football and soon will be more entrenched than anyone ever thought possible. Football is not a man's game anymore. Deysini is the first brand to acknowledge that by providing top quality products branded for everyone, not branded for boys and borrowed by women, branded for EVERYONE.